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“[Prior to contacting PFP] we had not performed a lube [oil] system flush during our contract here on base, and it’s not a task normally familiar to the Air Force. Our turbine generator [oil flushing] skid had been contaminated with ground up gears and bearings from engine damage. Though engine repairs have been delayed, our [ISO 4406] cleanliness targets have been met and we don’t expect any problems when the time comes for startup.”

— David P., defense contract company in Florida

“I know you don’t hear from us much as I would like to but that might actually be a GREAT thing. Everything is working exactly as expected. The upfront R&D that we worked through with the help from you and your team has absolutely paid off for us. As always we appreciate everything that PFP does to help us along the way.”

— Craig S., fuel services company in North Carolina

“I wanted to say thank you so much for helping me with my odd request. I just received the filters and they are in perfect condition! I definitely plan on doing business with you in the future!”

— Diana N., filter supply company in Ohio

“Great job with the [hydraulic] filters! I appreciate the help with them and we will definitely keep you in mind for the future.”

— Colin B., hydraulic supply company in Pennsylvania

“I’ve been using the filter cart quite a bit and it’s working really well for us. I think it’s coming in handy more than I thought it would and it seems to work very well in cleaning the oil. I think we are all happy with it.”

— Scott H., mechanical technician in Ohio

“Thanks to PFP I now get to enjoy personalized service and support. If I am having an issue with a stock product you guys custom design a filter to meet my needs. Now I have gains in performance, less dust and debris build-up on the carburetor, and less grit inside the engine, thanks to the air and valve cover breather filters that PFP custom designed for my race car. I LOVE it!!!”

— Bobby Sexton, Gambler Performance, Gainesville, Georgia

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