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New Product: Bulk-Storage Platform Filter Cart with Reservoir

June 26, 2019
PFP BSRC (Bulk Storage Reservoir Cart)

On behalf of the engineering department at PFP, I would like to share with you one of our latest fabrications, the BSPC, or Bulk Storage Platform Cart.

As you can appreciate from the photo, this unit is a platform-mounted filter cart with a built-in reservoir. The platform is carbon-steel, powder-coated red with a spill containment lip, a push rail, two (2) swivel casters, and two (2) rigid casters.

It’s used for filtering fluids that need an intermediary storage tank/reservoir, such as when you need to transport a larger quantity of oil from bulk storage to the shop or plant area.

We offer this model at the following flow rates:

  • 1 GPM
  • 5 GPM
  • 11 GPM

We designed the BSPC to deliver single or dual oil types to their final destination. It can filter either mineral oil or synthetic based oils, including hydraulic oil, gear oil, and turbine oil. It can handle such oils with viscosities up to 600 cSt (ISO VG 680) at 100°F and within ambient temperatures ranging from -15°F to 150°F. The BSPC is ideal for pre-filtering new oil, transferring oils, top-offs, dispensing new oil, or even for extraction of waste oil.

The system shown in the photo includes two (2) 32-gallon stackable polypropylene tanks. Each tank has ball valves on the outlets, fill ports and moisture and particulate preventative breathers.

The particular unit shown in the photo above runs at 5 GPM, and we currently offer the following tank sizes:

  • 32 gallons
  • 71 gallons
  • 115 gallons

The system comes standard with a cast-iron external gear pump with a Viton mechanical seal that is mounted to a TEFC Baldor motor. The electrical configuration of the motor can be wired to any configuration required. In this set-up the motor is powered by a NEMA 4 enclosed manual motor switch that is wired to a 40-inch retractable cord reel.

Each spin-on filter cartridge includes a slide bar indicator that provides the customer with a visual color-coded gauge that indicates when to change the filter. The filter head will accept a pleated microglass spin-on filter typically designed for up to 25-PSI differential pressure. These high-efficiency microglass filters that are rated at Beta(c)>1000 per ISO 16889, meaning that 99.9% of the particles will be removed in multi-pass at the specified micron level. This will enable you to quickly and reliably achieve very low particle counts to meet or exceed your target cleanliness level.

Do you have a question about oil purification or bulk storage filtration? Feel free to contact us anytime. Our friendly team of experts will be happy to help you out with your particular issue.

Until next time!

Sean at PFP Sean at Precision Filtration Products

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