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How did installing a Duplex Filter System save a customer time and money?

December 28, 2016

A recent upgrade supplied by Precision Filtration Products to our newly installed centrifugal compressors, has greatly simplified our operation and eliminated unplanned shutdowns of these critical machines.

stainless-steel-duplex-housingFour very large multi stage, integrally geared Atlas Copco compressors were recently installed in a new natural gas processing plant.  These compressors have a complex seal gas system and were originally supplied with a single filter.  When the filters began to show increased differential pressure, the compressor had to be shut down to change the filter cartridge.   While the manufacturer stated that the seal gas system could be shut down for a short period of time to change the filter, this posed the risk of damaging the extremely expensive and difficult to repair gas seals.  In addition, the location of the filter housing made it very risky to change while running.

I helped design a  dual filter arrangement to solve their problem.  Using the same filter housings as supplied by Atlas Copco, dual switching valves allowed one housing to be isolated & vented without interrupting flow to the compressor.

This upgrade has allowed our customer to change the filters without any interruption to the process.  It was relocated to an easily accessed location.

“A once difficult and disruptive operation has been greatly simplified.” – Chris, Reliability Mechanical Engineer

Precision Filtration Products fabricated the assemblies and delivered them in a very short period of time.  “The workmanship and quality of components is first class.” – Chris, Reliability Mechanical Engineer

A fifth compressor is under construction and will be upgrade prior to starting.

Another happy customer!!!

Please give us a call to discuss any of your filter needs or applications.  We have a highly motivated and educated team to help you out and save you money!

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